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“A guy can just easily dump you if you fuck him on the first date as he can if you wait until the tenth.” Samantha S&C

So I’m currently watching the first season of Sex and the City and I heard this quote from Samantha; this is one of the realist quotes I have heard in a while because no matter how long you choose to wait something could always happen to make him change his mind, whether or not it is the way you talk, kiss, make love, or anything that could turn him off. But don’t be surprised it can rework it’s way around for girls too it’s not very common but I have seen and known some girls to pull this card on men more than the guys have ever done or chose to do. Now i’m not saying to put out on the first date because that can jeopardize the hopes for an actual relationship to form; but do not feel like you have to wait days until you can engage in sexual behaviors, even if it’s making out, foreplay, oral, and any other form of sex. It is normal and is completely okay. Before you decide to take the next step make sure to be vocal and let the other partner know what you want out of them, there is nothing worse than having to guess what goes on between two people.

One of the main things about this blog is that I will post A LOT about sex or any sexual activities because it’s normal and FANTASTIC.


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