What do you do when your twenties come spiraling down? I am a victim of this personal tragedy, my name is Angela; coming from what is called a city but is actually just an overly populated small town I have hit the time in my life where there really is no set future. I have experienced it all; from graduating high school, working a full time job plus a part time job, going to college for about two weeks just to end up quitting, and falling down the roller coaster social/romantic life. I am the person who always dreams of what they want but then gives up in the end and it seems like my personal life has taken on that persona. Experiencing so many things within the two to almost three years since I’ve legally been able to due certain activities and such I have came into what seems like multiple scenarios that have shaped me to who I am right now typing this blog post, so please do continue to keep up to date with me and all the other ten million things I will cover and talk about.


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