Coloring anywhere but in the lines.

“When Big colors he rarely colors in the lines.” – Carrie Bradshaw.

As you might’ve known I rely on Sex and The City, so this post will consist of the “Girl Talks.” We started out as what would be best friends; yea I know it’s a cliche for any woman to call a close man friend but it was true. Kyle was the man that I could tell anything to because he was a great listener and could relate to me but on a male to female level. We had the hot and heavy heat a few years back; but just recently we have rediscovered our passion and little did we know… love, for each other. We both stayed over at our mutual friends house where the first romance started, listening to music, laughing, stripping, and just having genuine fun. I knew I had to work the next day til closing but I didn’t care, I have never had that much fun or connection with anyone in a loooong time. We eventually were the last ones awake in the house; the whole night I was leaving signals to him that he eventually caught onto. After ending up in the same house, the same floor, and the same feelings; I was about to burst! I have never wanted anything or anyone so badly but it was him, it was his shaggy hair, little beard, smell of cigarettes, drinking beer, and the hard on bulging out of his pants. Then I knew what I wanted to do. After basically already being naked the climax was near, we laid on the floor making out and rubbing against each other for thirty minutes until we both said we wanted it. The feeling of him slowly sliding in automatically reassured me that this was the man who I want to come home to for the rest of my life. Sure it seemed a little too fast but who cares my heart knew what it wanted and it was determined for Kyle. Then I started to think about it, he has waited for me for three years to give him a chance; no matter what I wanted to do I coud not make it a repeat and surprisingly my body didn’t want to either. The whole time we we’re making love it was like time stopped just for us. My whole body came, my mind, my soul, and of course my lady parts. The rush I felt after was like hitting a cigarette first thing when you wake up, the dizziness then the mellow. Even though we couldn’t be loud he made up for it wish passion and lust. With the last kiss he gave me was like wax melting from a burning candle, now I know what love really feels like.


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