So long…

Lately I’ve been pretty busy between working and my love life. Technically both can be considered the same category because you have to work towards a functioning relationship nowadays. Now not to say two people can just click and be perfectly fine, there are always some things you have to determine together. I was dating my ex that has been on again off again for almost four years; but what do you do when someone comes into your life that’s been sitting back on the sidelines wishing for you to give them a chance for the last three years? I know what you’re thinking, “Oh well just leave your partner for the new guy.” Wrong! There’s more complicating feelings that occur when you have an already ending relationship on your side. You need to reassure yourself that you can still be independent like you were when you were in a relationship. Now I know this whole thing can be quite the confusing situation; but when the spark ends after the first couple break ups nothing can ever be the same and that’s why I didn’t second guess my reasoning for ending this terminal cancer of a love. Sure things probably could’ve been talked about but let’s be honest there’s not much you can say after being ignored while in the same room. It was time to end things.. I am much happier and free like I was before being sucked into my black hole and that’s all that matters.


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