“Kiss it, Kiss it better baby.”

So I have been pretty sick with Bronchitis for the past couple days and my boyfriend is in like mom mode or something because even with me being sick I was insanely horny and he wouldn’t look at me in that way; he likes to joke with me and try to find an “off” switch on me because I want it like everyday all day while he likes to take a couple days to relax. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to wait and when I’m forced to it kinda pisses me off and I end up using my vibrator. So that’s exactly what happened tonight. It is essential to set the mood for yourself when you are about to spend time playing your own solo. When I have the urge to satisfy myself I like to light a candle, put on my sexiest lingerie, sometimes a pair of heels, make my bed, and music because it is important to have a sex/masturbation playlist. Tonight’s song of choice was Kiss it better by Rihanna and I must have to say that this was the most relaxing time to myself I’ve had in a while! Now sometimes I like to have long sessions with some different toys and whatnot or other times I’ll move it to the shower because who doesn’t like a form of shower sex? But it all depends if I can change my mans opinion on having sex within the first round of self pleasuring or not. Now what I mean by changing his mind is to send him sexy and seductive messages and show him the outfits that will be worn. Do not send the nudes though because it reveals it all at once and there’s nothing to imagine, it’s the same rule as stripping, if you show it all from the jump then there’s nothing to fantasize about and that’s what you want your man to do. You want him to think about taking off every piece of your clothing with his teeth so send those pictures that will get him all hot and bothered. Since my man is working twelve hour shifts I like to show him what he’s missing so that way when he’s on break he’ll be ready to come home to all of it, but I also keep myself going for a couple hours by taking my own breaks between orgasms so that way I don’t waste all my energy and I can still go for longer. No matter what kind of situation it is I can always depend on myself to hit the spot and keep my boyfriend/relationship spontaneous and sexy. All females should find a way to keep things alive and fun, just find things you like to do and put them to a good use for you and your man.


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