The one week wait…

Most girls feel comfortable “red winging” but to me it’s awkward and weird. Plus I’ve never really done it but with a past boyfriend who I was with for two years so it’s a little uncomfortable. Well my shark week came last Sunday and it was HORRIBLE. I was very horny and being it’s new with Kyle I didn’t want to do anything. So for the whole week I proceeded to give him head until he came and continued to just make the week about him and let our feelings build up for when I got done… that was the longest week in my whole world. Finally it came to an end and I was hot to trot again; I came over to his house the other night just expecting to cuddle and sleep because we were both pretty worn out from the day but it was just the beginning to a great night. It started out him spooning me and thrusting his hard dick against my butt, to him kissing and licking my neck, then he finally got me by biting my ear. It was on. Things started to get hot and heavy and clothes started to fall off. He got on top pulled down my pants very slowly, then he gently massaged his penis on my clit and around my vagina, then he stuck his dick in and we both moaned very loudly. It started out in missionary, legs on the shoulders, him holding both legs together in the air, then he laid me on my stomach while I arched my back and started pounding me from behind while my ass bounced back. By that time my moaning was getting louder and I could feel my legs starting to get weak, I was cumming so much. Meanwhile Kyle was still going strong but I could feel the stroke switch up as if he was getting ready to cum so I whispered in his ear “Are you gonna cum for me baby?” then he started pounding harder and his breathing started to get heavier then he pushed one last hard thrust and then I knew he had came. We both laid there motionless, weak, and out of breath. I looked over at him with a look of relief and said “my knees are weak and I could barely move.” Which was true because I could barely roll back on to my back. I had saved the best orgasm I’ve ever had for a week and when it came time I came hard and A LOT. Now I know that waiting the week out of every month is so worth it in the end because I seriously could’ve been wheeled out in a wheel chair by the end of the night.


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