“It’s like a french kiss but down under.”

Now I know most or almost everybody male or female enjoys giving/receiving head but have you ever just looked at or kissed someone and thought, “I wonder what his/her lips would feel like on the lower lips?” Sometimes I think I’m the only one who feels like that. Especially after an ex I was with a few years ago; he had never ate a woman out before so he decided I was going to be the first one he would try it out on but he was too rough with it. Now I don’t want to diss the poor guy because it was his first time. There were just somethings I couldn’t help him with like he was too rough, no motion or tongue flicks, and he had bit my clit to where I was yelling and had to pull him away from me… So now I usually can tell if they’re a good kisser then they’ll be good with head. Now that method works for the most part but sometimes it does not. After the deal with my ex I am hesitant with how I receive head because I’m sort of terrified; I usually can only handle being gone down on if I’m super horny and the man I’m with just slips down and goes to town right away. I say that because it doesn’t give me time to think or tense up. There is one thing I can say good about head is that when a man eats me out I’m not afraid to grind when he’s down or kiss him passionately after he’s been there making me cum multiple times. Though to switch the roles up a bit there’s nothing more satisfying to me than to get a man off by giving oral. Blow jobs are a big deal for me because it’s something I’m very skilled at and can do when the time of month comes and sex isn’t up on the table. You have two types of people the ones who swallow and the spitters, no matter which one you are it’s all about the fact that they got off. I prefer to swallow but that’s because the taste does not bother me and looking up at your man while you swallow his load seems to turn them on ten times more. Something I also enjoy doing is waking my man up with head in the morning because when they do come to they just start automatically moaning. You could also switch up and get ontop after they wake up; my normal is head, ride him til he’s about to cum, give more head, ride more til he can barely contain it, and then go down suck/swallow. I find morning is best for that because he hasn’t came anytime before then so he’ll last somewhat longer than if you do it at night. But ya know everyone is different you find all types of different positions and methods that work better and more efficient for you and your spouse. Also you build stamina that comes in handy whenever. I’m not here to tell you what to do just saying somethings that I prefer for who I’m intimate with. But there’s one thing people like is head, it’s a universal pleasure and it feels fucking fantastic when done right.


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