“You used to come keep me company said you love me and just me.”- Bryson Tiller

Recently I’ve started a new job and went through a breakup, now normally my blog pertains to sex and everything sexually related but this one is different. My relationships normally last a while but this time was pretty short maybe it’s because we were friends for years and we crossed that border to try the relationship thing; I should’ve known that friends can’t have sex because it complicates everything but I was dumb and what I thought was “love” really wasn’t. I mean sure the times we spent together were nice but the way we left was shitty. I had a bad day at work with a residents daughter-in law deciding to bitch me out for something I didn’t really do but I held myself together and kept working; well I was already having a shit day and started getting upset because the stress was just too much so I decided to text Kyle and talk. Well this boy starts texting me back pretty weak messages so I confront the situation. Now I’m even more upset because I know where the conversation is heading but he decides to beat around the bush to the fact that he doesn’t feel me anymore. I wouldn’t have been hurt if he would be straight forward but he wasn’t. I got the texts saying, “You need time for yourself” and “I feel like I don’t make you happy”, well both were completely not true. I was happy more than I’ve ever been and that’s saying a lot from me but apparently he told all our friends it was because, “She wants a family and I don’t want one.” Yeah, not going to lie I do eventually want a family but not anytime soon. I told him that because I thought we still had the friendship barrier to where I could say anything I felt and wouldn’t get judged for but I was wrong and it got thrown back in my face. It’s okay because now I’m focused on bettering my life and finding someone more deserving of my feelings and love, be prepared for new blogs with all kinds of fun stuff!


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